Christophe Galtier after the defeat of PSG in Rennes: “There must be an awareness”

“Is it a matter of time before finding the PSG before the World Cup?
It urges ! Obviously, we will have to find some play, some binding between the lines. We knew we were going to have a tough game and we got it. We need to find a lot more rhythm and intensity. You have to find people very high in the penalty area. We fell off a lot. We had possession but without creating any danger. Rennes defended with too much comfort.

“I’m not used to looking at the standings but I’m focusing on performances and I have work to do”

Are you worried ?
I’m not going to talk about worry, but there has to be awareness. We can find a thousand excuses, but the World Cup is over. Even if we were scattered for eight weeks, we must find cohesion and rhythm. We will have about ten days to work […] We have two teams (Lens and Marseilles) behind who have an incredible number of points. The Championship is tight. I’m not used to looking at the standings but I’m concentrating on performance and I have work to do.

What are your levers to make this team react?
We will analyze the match and show it, like that of Angers. We are going to compare the good periods of the team since the start of the season and what is happening now. The pictures will speak for themselves. Afterwards, there will be choices to be made.


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