Charlotte Casiraghi appears for the first time with her two sons and her husband at the Monegasque National Day

On November 19, the Monegasques are celebrating. The participation and the appearance of members of the princely family are among the highlights of the day. This year, all the nephews and nieces of Prince Albert II were present, accompanied for the first time by their own children. Charlotte Casiraghi appeared for the first time with her two sons, Raphaël Elmaleh and Dimitri Rassam, and with her husband.

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First public appearance for Dimitri and Balthazar Rassam

The eldest daughter of Princess Caroline of Hanover takes part in the National Day festivities every year. The Prince’s feast, celebrated on 19 November, Saint-Rainier’s Day, begins with a mass of thanksgiving and a Te Deum at Notre-Dame-Immaculée Cathedral in Monaco. Prince Albert II, his wife and his two sisters attend mass in the choir of the cathedral and face the children of Princess Caroline and Princess Stephanie. Among them is Charlotte Casiraghi36 years.

Charlotte Casiraghi, dressed in Chanel from head to toe, arrives at the 2022 Monegasque National Day festivities, on the arm of her husband, Dimitri Rassam, and with her half-sister, Princess Alexandra of Hanover (Photo: David Nivière / Abacapress )

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After the mass, the princely family gathers in the Cour d’honneur of the Prince’s Palace to attend the presentation of the distinctions by the sovereign. The Grimaldi clan then joins the balconies of the Palace to observe the military parade. Over the marriages and births, the princely family is increasingly numerous to follow the national holiday. Until now, Charlotte participated in the celebrations alone or with her eldest son, Raphaël Elmaleh, 9 years old in a month.

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Princess Caroline’s three eldest children with their husband and wife and all their children. Beatrice Borromeo and Pierre Casiraghi with Stefano and Francesco Casiraghi, Dimitri Rassam and Charlotte Casiraghi with Balthazar Rassam and Raphaël Elmaleh, and Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo with India, Sacha and Maximilian Casiraghi (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

The two sons of Charlotte Casiraghi participate in the Monegasque National Day 2022

In 2022, for the first time, Charlotte Casiraghi was accompanied by her husband, Dimitri Rassam. Charlotte married Carole Bouquet’s son in 2019. The couple were already the parents of little Balthazar Rassam, born in 2018. Balthazar has just celebrated his 4th birthday. By the marriage of his parents, Balthazar was legitimized after his birth and integrated theorder of succession to the Monegasque throne retroactively. Charlotte and Balthazar are 11th and 12th in line to the throne. Raphaël Elmaleh does not appear in the order of succession to the throne, unlike his half-brother, because his parents did not marry.

For the first time, Balthazar Rassam and his dad attend the National Day festivities with Charlotte Casiraghi and her son Raphaël (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

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On the balcony, Batlhazar and Raphaël were joined by India, Sacha and Maximilian Casiraghi, their first cousins, children of Andrea Casiraghi. Francesco and Stefano Casiraghi, the sons of Pierre Cashirahi, were also not far away, while Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella appeared on the balcony next door with their parents.

Raphaël Elmaleh, son of Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh, surrounded by the three children of Andrea Casiraghi, his first cousins: India, Sacha and Maximilian Casiraghi (Photo: David Nivière/Abacapress)

The children of the Grimaldi clan are used to participating in official events from an early age. The members of the princely family are part of Monegasque life and the DNA of the Principality. Only the legitimate children of the sovereign and of a former sovereign carry a princely title, which does not prevent nephews and nieces from actively participating in the activities of the Crown. For example, Charlotte Casiraghi is the godmother of the Public Security, the police of Monaco. Until now, Charlotte participated alone or with her husband in public events. Raphaël Elmaleh had already participated in the national holiday. Balthazar, meanwhile, had never attended the national holiday and we mainly knew his face thanks to the photos taken by paparazzi.

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