change your passwords!

According to the report published by PayPal, 34,942 users had their accounts visited by a hacker who was able to gain access to full names, dates of birth, postal addresses, social security numbers and tax identification numbers. Worse still, the hackers were able to view transaction histories, added bank cards and billing data.

PayPal says it took quick action to prevent impersonators from resetting account passwords in order to gain ownership. The company also indicates that it has not observed any traces of fraudulent transactions during this period.

Customers affected by these intrusions have nevertheless been contacted by PayPal to warn them of the situation. Their passwords have been reset to default and they will be prompted to create a new one.

We advise you, on our side, to choose a different password for each platform to which you connect, and in particular for those containing a large number of your personal or banking data. Also, don’t forget to activate double authentication when it is available, which will save you from this type of mishap.

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