Celine Dion “not doing well” according to several sources

Celine Dion "does not go well" according to several sources

Celine Dion’s health is still very fragile.

The state of health of the singer is a source of concern.

Whereas Celine Dion’s health news seemed better in recent weeks, it seems that all is not well. If she will be on the tracklisting of a tribute album at Jean Jacques Goldman, “The Goldman Legacy 2” which is announced for December 2, with a new version of the title “The Memory of Abraham”, the Canadian diva did not sing. These are old voice recordings dating from the recording of the album “D’eux”, released in 1995 which have been reworked as explained by Erick Benzi, arranger of the album on the airwaves of RTL.

“She has health problems, that’s true. It gets better, it takes time, it’s not easy. She said : “I’m not ready to singI did not insist on asking him “What is happening ? […] When I called her to propose this to her, she was super happy to participate in a tribute to Jean-Jacques, but she still had vocal problems, she was not yet in good enough shape to do something. Céline, that’s the advantage with her, when you’re in the studio, there’s nothing to throw away. That’s when I proposed to him: “Listen, I’m going to cover one of your songs that you sang at the time”. I searched through the tracks I had and was able to extract a voice track that is unreleased.”

This also joins the statements of one of his doctors, Jean Abitbol, ​​quoted by journalists Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropea in the book “Celine Dion, the real story”. The practitioner declares in particular that the health of the singer is not good but that there are reasons to hope to see her again on stage.

Céline will come back with an even more beautiful voice because she will be even more emotional. Say she will have the same voice that we knew her when she was 30 years old, it’s no. Maybe the range will be different, but what matters is the emotion that you put into that range, this incredible emotion that you can feel to the point of having tears coming to you at the end of a song.”

During an interview at TF1infoLaurence Pieau specified:

His ENT Jean Abitbol explains it to us “globus syndrome” which she would suffer and which causes problems with her voice. According to him, it is due to psychosomatic stress because the last decade has been particularly hard for her, in particular with the death of its two pillars, her husband René and her mother Thérèse. We know that she has suffered from muscle spasms for many years. It’s nothing new, it’s very painful. The sloping stage made for her at Caesars Palace damaged her body, she who adores vertiginous heels. Physically, his doctor testifies, she is not well.”

We hope to have some more reassuring news in the coming weeks.

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