CDC (M) | A great Nantes victorious in Aalborg

Thibaud Briet (HBC Nantes)

A valiant Nantes team won in Aalborg 32-35 on behalf of the seventh day of the Champions League.

It’s a team of Nantes serious and diligent who starts this match, quickly taking the lead without being intimidated by the CV of some of their evening opponents. Over the minutes of the first half, these good feelings are confirmed, with a solid defense which hinders the prestigious local rear base ofAalborgand good choices in attack with an impeccable finish like this missile while confidence ofAlexandre Cavalcanti 5-9 (15th minute) or those confident shots of Thibaud Briet 8-12 (18th), 11-15 (21st). A Briet who continues to martyrize the Danish defense at the end of the half, won by H (17-20, 30th).

RIVERA Valero (HBC Nantes)

The men of Gregory Cojean start again in the second half, widening the gap more from the first minutes to lead by 6 goals. However, a period of hesitation punctuated by a goal against Andreas Flodman 26-29 (47th) forced the coach to take a timeout. The Nantes people become rough in attack, when they do not fall on a Mikael Aggefors inspired.

After this necessary interruption, the team runs better. Cavalcanti and consorts find the target at the shoots. Nantes managed their lead more calmly in the final minutes of the game. Deserved victory and excellent performance against a top rival (32-35).

At the individual level, we will highlight the 8 goals of the captain Valero Riveraalways precious on the wing and at 7 meters, as well as the 6 achievements of the backs Cavalcanti and Briet.

While waiting for the rest of the group B matches, Nantes pushes the Danish team to 3 points in the standings (10 points against 7), thus achieving a superb operation in this pool.

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