Canadian intelligence investigating death threats from Iranian regime

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service blasted “hostile activities” that “undermine the security of Canada and Canadians.”

The Canadian intelligence agency said on Friday it was investigating credible death threats issued by Iran against people in Canada, a week after similar accusations from the United Kingdom.

“CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service, editor’s note) is actively investigating several death threats from the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on credible information,” said agency spokesman Eric Balsam.

Then to underline: “These hostile activities and foreign interference undermine ultimately the security of Canada and Canadians, as well as our democratic values ​​and our sovereignty”.

These investigations, on which Eric Balsam did not give details, are carried out with the help of international partners.

Similar threats against English journalists

CSIS is aware that Iran monitors and intimidates people in Canada, including people from the Iranian diaspora, in order to “silence those who openly denounce” the regime, he added.

The British government a week ago accused Iran of uttering death threats against UK-based journalists.

“I summoned the Iranian Chargé d’Affaires today after journalists working in the UK received death threats from Iran,” British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly tweeted.

A London-based Persian-language television channel – Iran International – had reported a few days earlier that two of its journalists working in the UK had received death threats from the Revolutionary Guards, Tehran’s ideological army. .

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