Camille Santoro (Large Families) confides in people’s eyes during her first pregnancy at 17

In her Instagram story this Thursday, January 12, Camille Santoro returned to people’s eyes when she became pregnant with her eldest son, Alessio, when she was only 17 years old.

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At the head of a siblings of six children (Alessio, Nino, Emie, the twins Mattia and Maé and Alba) that she had with her companion NicolasCamille Santoro is one of the leading faces of Large families: life in XXL on TF1. She is also one of the youngest moms because her eldest Alessio was born when she was 17. On Instagram this Thursday, January 12, Camille Santoro lent herself to the game of questions from her many subscribers.

“Sometimes I’m exhausted but I love life”

Asked about how she experienced the gaze of others during her first pregnancy, the young woman of 30 years answered in all honesty: It’s not always easy, does she recognize. But I’ve always tried to ignore the gaze of others. It’s our life, our choices.” However for Camille Santoro, having children is a lot of adrenaline as she pointed out in her story: “I find the energy in my kids. Lots of kids = lots of energy. Sometimes I’m exhausted but I love life. I can’t stand still. I’ve always been like this. And even more since I live with Nico. He lets me believe in my dreams and helps me achieve them every day.”

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Would Camille Santoro consider a seventh child with her darling Nicolas?

Speaking of dreams, does Camille Santoro envision having a seventh child with her darling Nicolas? Last July, the young woman had already published a post on this subject: “I would have preferedshe had launched in denying her potential pregnancy. I would prefer not to leave any doubts. So yes, my body has changed and many of you congratulate me on the 7th. These remarks are always delicate because it can hardly resonate with the person concerned depending on their story. Small health problems, treatments have made my scale display ten kilograms more. I just intend to let my body recover from all this, he who gave me 6 wonderful children”she expressed.

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