CAF: 4 important dates to know to receive one of the bonuses

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Aid from the Family Allowance Fund (CAF) makes it possible to supplement the end of the month. Here are the next dates to know…

The French have to deal with the economic crisis. A crisis that hits taxpayers’ wallets hard. Especially since the crisis does not seem to be easing anytime soon. Between the rise in the price of diesel, the shortage of certain materials and the decline in purchasing power, some have to rely on precious state aid. Indeed, the family allowance fund (CAF) offers several bonuses for cover the cost of living. Although this is not enough for the most modest households, who hope for a rise in wages. Still, these aids often arrive at the right time. We still have to sort through the various aids available to us. Yes, we are not all equal in terms of eligibility. Also, it will be necessary to examine the important dates to hope to reach them. We tell you everything.

The dates to remember to receive the APL, the RSA or the activity bonus

This year, the CAF has operated a revaluation of its ceilings. Enough to allow more people to receive state aid. Among the bonuses is personalized housing assistance (APL), active solidarity income (RSA) and activity bonus. As usual, to be able to receive these aids, certain conditions must be met. For example, you must be French or have a residence permit for more than 5 years. Being older than 18. Reside in France on a stable basis – that is to say, more than 9 months a year. Have a professional activity or benefit from partial or technical unemployment in the case of the RSA or the activity bonus. An income ceiling is also provided for and the allocation of this aid corresponds to several tranches. This means that the amount of the premiums depends on the situation of each household.

CAF: 4 deadlines not to be forgotten this year

The next important dates to remember to receive one of the CAF aids are 4 in number. It will therefore be necessary to monitor two dates in the first half of the year. The next will mark the end of summer and the last, the end of the year 2023. These dates are all in the first week of each month concerned. It will be, to begin with, the month of February. Monday, February 6 corresponds to the date that will allow you to acquire your January allowances. the Monday, March 6, 2023 will correspond to the allowances for the month of February. But it does not stop there. the friday august 4th, you will need to log in to complete the procedures for July allowances. Finally, the monday november 6 will mark the date to be remembered for the allowances for the month of October. In addition to this precise calendar, the deployment of the food bonus should follow this year.

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