Between Deschamps and France 98, relations are cooling

Bixente Lizarazu is an obstinate man, but it would seem that his will to maintain perfect cohesion within the France 98 caste is crumbling over the years and controversies. “Yes, I saw myself as a shepherd, but I lost a few sheep,” he jokes in a interview for The Team. Between Duga and DD, There is nothing more to do. But for me, what we lived together is stronger than anything, it will remain marked for life, so there will always be respect, friendship. Ideally, I would like us all to get along very well. »

Right now, that’s not really it. As explained by the daily on Tuesday, the lack of responsiveness of Didier Deschamps to the blasphemous remarks of Noël Le Graët on Zinedine Zidane did not really pass within the 98 generation. More out of contempt for NLG than out of unconditional love for Zizou. This is where the roads separate between Didier Deschamps and the others, a bit like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in who knows which Fast & Furious, the 36th or 37th, with Wiz Khalifa in the background. “We have the impression that he has chosen his side a little, it’s the federation, it’s his job”, regretted Christophe Dugarry on RMC.

The last chance dinner?

In June 2022, reveals L’Equipe, Didier Deschamps, for example, was not present for Zidane’s 50th birthday. “He was well invited”, but declined. Remember, however, that the coach had lost his father a month earlier.

DD will, however, have another chance to hang on to the wagon. The traditional annual meal of the association of the first champions, scheduled for December, has this time been postponed because of the World Cup in Qatar. It will take place at the end of January, in Paris. Internally, we cross our fingers, while DD has taken the bad habit of no longer going there: “everyone is invited, and we hope that Didier will be there this time. He has his place. With Le Graët in the background, it might be a good time for him to sit down at the other table.

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