Benjamin Castaldi confides in his surprising health concern (VIDEO)

It is an understatement to say that Benjamin Castaldi is regularly chambered by Cyril Hanouna in Do not touch My TV. Whether it’s the fact that the former host of loft story does not speak much during the broadcasts, but also on his countless divorces, or even on his cosmetic surgery operations, the ex-husband of Flavie Flament is clearly not spared.

And this Thursday, November 17, Benjamin Castaldi took advantage of being mocked by Baba for the umpteenth time on his “big chest” to confide in complete transparency about his astonishing last concern he is facing. “I went to see a doctor. ‘Cyril is carrying me on my pectorals’. You say that I have breasts. I’m going to see a doctor whose job it is. I have boobs?’ He looks at me, he takes my… (he mimes a palpation of the nipples) ‘But you have mammary glands'”, he related before specifying the evil which affects him: “It seems that I have a birth defect of the nipple”.

An improbable revelation that did not fail to arouse the laughter of the chroniclers. “Can you breastfeed your son?”, chambered in the wake of Matthieu Delormeau causing hilarity on the set. “On weekends, he has five, six babies around him. The last time I saw him in the metro, he was breastfeeding”outbid Cyril Hanouna. “So I would have a deformity of the mammary gland so I will remove it”, then concluded the son of Jean-Pierre Castaldi.

Recently, this is another surprising confidence that Benjamin Castaldi had made on the set of TPMP. Julien Castaldi’s father had revealed that he had already taken a doping product. “I tried only one thing, it was growth hormone, to gain mass”had confided, specifying that it was not “not very good” and that he hadstop immediately”.



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