Bank and parallel market: the dinar against currencies on January 15

This Sunday, January 15, 2023, the euro, which has risen in recent weeks, is trading against 146.22 dinars for purchase and 146.25 dinars for sale. Bank of Algeria. While on the parallel exchange market, the unit of this same currency is always exchanged in the vicinity of 217 dinars for purchase and 218 dinars for sale.

For its part, the US dollar on the official foreign exchange market is in quotations this Sunday at 136.46 dinars for purchase and 136.48 dinars for sale. And on the parallel market, it is offered by traders at the same price as the euro, including 202 dinars for purchase and 205 dinars for sale.

British Pound and Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates

As for the change rate of the pound sterling, a single pound is exchanged against 165.73 dinars for purchase and 165.79 dinars for sale, at the Bank of Algeria. While, on the parallel market, the unit of this currency is still expensive, being exchanged against 248 dinars for purchase and 250 dinars for sale.

Finally, with regard to the Canadian currency, one Canadian dollar is offered this Sunday, January 15, 2023, in the official quotations, against 101.62 dinars for purchase and 101.66 dinars for sale. On the parallel foreign exchange market, the Canadian dollar is traded during the same day against 150 dinars for purchase and 152 dinars for sale.

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