Ayem Nour reveals bruises on his body and his ex accuses him of lying

Yesterday, Ayem Nour had promised further revelations on what she blames her ex-husband Vincent Miclet for. Today, the former presenter of Magjust recruited into TPMP People, posted a photo on Instagram of his bruised neck.

On the cliche, there are bruises and scratches on his neck. The young woman does not mention the name of her son’s father in her publication, but dated the image to the year “2016”. “Now I’m going to tell you the whole truth,” she added in the caption.


Feeling visibly targeted, Vincent Miclet immediately published a video of a character dancing to playful music. “Your lies are your truth!” We are not in reality TV, we are in reality! Let’s wait for the verdict…” writes on Instagram the businessman, without quoting either Ayem Nour, but adding a judge emoji.

The public accusations between the ex-spouses began last week when Vincent Milet claimed that Ayem Nour had “kidnapped” their six-year-old son, Ayvin, to disappear in Morocco. He had hinted that it was revenge when he no longer wishes to pay child support. The young woman had replica by declaring that his ex refused to give him the passport of their son, which prevented him from returning to French territory. The former candidate of Secret Story also said he had refused to give their child’s health book who needed it after being bitten by an insect.

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