Ayem Nour accuses her ex-husband of “cruelty” for refusing to give their son’s health record

Ayem Nour don’t take off. Her ex-husband, the entrepreneur Vincent Milet, had accused her of having “abducted” their son, to which the presenter had replied that she was stuck in Morocco because he refused to give her the child’s passport. And today, the accusations go further. While she has been warning about the situation for several days in the media, the social media star said that he was also putting their child’s life in danger.

“This whole situation is becoming dramatic and dangerous! Continuing to sequester my son’s passport illegally to prevent us from returning to France is already very serious. On the other hand, refusing to return his health record when Ayvin needed treatment after being bitten by an insect is now cruelty! “, she wrote on instagram.

The hard life

Last week, Ayem Nour had described the galley in which she was on the set of TPMP.

“My relationship with my ex-husband is chaotic, full of blackmail, threats, dictatorship, psychological harassment. It’s been going on for years and I’m trying to keep a smile on my face to look good publicly, ”she confided in a video relayed on the show.

And to continue: “I am exhausted, I have not slept for four days, spending my life in the courts and in the police stations. There is no child abduction since I have custody. There, this morning, I discovered that he also filed a complaint so that I could not leave Moroccan territory”.

Since then, according to Purepeople, justice would have encouraged Vincent Miclet to give the star the passport of the child so that he can leave Moroccan territory. Except that nothing legally forces him to do so, the publication claims. The mess could still go on…

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