Australian Open: Daniil Medvedev passes without forcing after his victory over John Millman (7-5, 6-2, 6-2) in the 2nd round

Headed to the 3rd round of the Australian Open for Daniil Medvedev who fell in the boss of the Australian John Millman. Quiet victory, in three sets, 7-5, 6-2, 6-2. Quiet after the very tight first round, where the 140th player in the world clearly posed problems for the finalist of the last two editions. Cornered, sometimes overwhelmed by the rain of blows from his opponent, the Russian knew how to remain calm to pocket the first set. The result was only a confirmation of the rise of the seeded number 7 of the tournament, throughout the meeting. The Russian continues on his way without incident and can harbor great ambitions in Melbourne.

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Australian Open

It was the Medvedev rocket


Strange first run

After his inaugural ride in the first round against the American Marcos Giron, 55th player in the world, Daniil Medvedev had to work a little harder to climb to the third round. His opponent, the local John Millman, 140th in the world, gave him a hard time, at least during the first round.

The Australian was immediately aggressive against a messy Medvedev, multiplying unforced errors and imprecise services. The two players never managed to confirm their lead in this first set. Three breaks for the Australian, four for the Russian who concluded the set on his opponent’s serve. A strange scenario, marked by the physical impact of the two players, never stingy with long exchanges, often won by John Millman. Daniil Medvedev had to tap into his mental resources. An Olympian calm which took over the ardor of the Australian.

The Medvedev steamroller

Exit the jostled Daniil Medvedev and put in difficulty on his service, here is the Russian again full of confidence and precision. Round two was just a recital. Opposite, the Australian only took the hit by trying to hang on, valiantly. But the difference in level was too great, and as a symbol, the long exchanges were won by the Russian who concluded the second set on his face-off, 6-2.

The third round was just a copy and paste of the previous one. John Millman no longer responded physically while his opponent multiplied the well-felt blows. Quick after the first act, Medvedev completed the meeting in just over 2 hours of play.

The wide score, however, does not reflect the physiognomy of the match. Daniil Medvedev made a lot of unforced errors (32), especially in the first set, and couldn’t rely on a good first ball (68% accuracy). The tall Russian, who is aiming for a title in Melbourne, is still in the running-in process.

Australian Open

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Australian Open

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