At the Marrakech film festival, the stars sparkle

Ranveer Singh is Bollywood’s most bankable actor. Married to another superstar, Deepika Padukone, fashion icon, he can raise the crowds with a smile. The proof in Marrakech, where he is as adored as in his native India: on the red carpet of the International Film Festival, where he comes to receive a special prize, he eclipses even Patrick Bruel, usually greeted by frantic cries. Dressed in lights, microphone in hand, Raveer Singh sings and dances. A swarm of assistants does not leave him with one sole: hairdressers, make-up artists, press officers, of course, but also attendant at the boombox (portable speaker) to make his life a permanent musical comedy. (…)

Virginie Efira and Niels Schneider, usually so discreet, appear hand in hand. Unlike the other star couple, Leïla Bekhti and Tahar Rahim, who, if they came together, only appear separately. But they don’t hesitate to give each other knowing glances when they see each other in the distance. (…)

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It’s Jim Jarmusch guys! The biggest!

James Gray

Could the director of “Coffee and Cigarettes” be the most sought-after personality at this festival? You have to see how James Gray, also acclaimed filmmaker, turns into a groupie when being photographed alongside him for Paris Match. “It’s Jim Jarmusch guys! The biggest! I would like that, on the photo, one understands oh how much I admire it! Jarmusch remains impassive behind his eternal dark glasses. Stoicism and sunglasses, also the equation of Isabelle Huppert, who, all dressed in Dior, poses in the corridors of the hotel. Black dress with hood and tawny hair, she looks like the Madonnas of the Renaissance. (…)

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After the solemn red carpets, the Oriental carpets imposed on everyone the natural

“There is a tradition of storytelling in this square. I am happy to come and tell a story there”, declares a lyrical Laurent Lafitte, before the screening of “Dad or mom”. Gad Elmaleh presents “The Minions 2. Once upon a time Gru”, an animated film in which he lends his voice to the villain. The child of the country, “back at home”, is given an ovation like a rock star. (…)

On stage, presenters and winners all have a tender word for Mélita Toscan du Plantier, advisor to the president of the FIFM Foundation and ambassador for this event, which celebrates its anniversary on November 19.

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Diane Kruger. Make-up: Norman Pohl – Hair: Mathieu Laudrel / Leïla Bekhti. Make-up: Lorandy, Charlotte Tilbury – Hair: Mathieu Laudre

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