Are you eligible for Free Proxi, open and future centers, we tell you everything

Are you eligible for Free Proxi, open and future centers, we tell you everything

Free today announces the launch of Free Proxi, but can you access this local assistance?

The project initiated at the end of 2019 is finally officially on track and 67 local teams are now active in France. to help Freebox subscribers. Free does not intend to stop there and expects to reach 150 Free Proxi in 2023, with openings already planned before the end of the year. But how do you know if you are eligible and if you are in an area covered by Free Proxi? Universe Freebox takes stock.

Free proxi is included in all Free offers by default. In short, if the service is open in your neighborhood or in the geographical area where you are, subscribers will be automatically directed to local teams when they contact assistance, without the need for any specific action. This can therefore be done from the Free subscriber area mobile application and on a browser in the assistance section, but also directly by calling 3244, which allows you to leave a voice message at 3244 with your request to be called back by an adviser. Free Proxi.

In total, 67 mini-hubs are already open in France, covering 25% of Freebox subscribers in 31 different departments. Free unveils the list of municipalities concerned, sorted by department. You can therefore be eligible for Free Proxi if you are near one of the following cities:

However, the operator does not intend to stop there and has set itself the goal of more than doubling the workforce of Free Proxi in France by the end of 2023. It also announces openings of Free Proxi planned for the end of 2022, with 24 centers in 16 departments. Here is the list of the municipalities concerned:

  • walking sticks
  • Aix en Provence
  • Marseille 10th district
  • Montelimar
  • Toulouse Saint Cyprien
  • Montpellier Silver Cross
  • reindeer
  • Towers
  • Nancy
  • duai
  • cambrai
  • Bayonne
  • Lyon Peninsula
  • Mantes la Jolie
  • Pleasure
  • Saint-Germain-en-Laye
  • Limoges
  • Asnieres
  • Nanterre
  • Aulnay
  • Bobigny
  • Boissy-Saint-Leger
  • Champigny sur Marne
  • Thiais

Each center is designed as a real place to live, with a large part dedicated to breakout and dining areas, thus offering an experience closer to a small apartment than traditional offices. You can thus find a sofa, a television and a corner dedicated to meals that can be taken as a team. Without forgetting of course the workstations of the collaborators.

This article was taken from the Univers FreeBox website

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