Apple unveils its MacBook Pro equipped with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

Apple unveils its MacBook Pro equipped with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips

We thought they would be announced in the fall of 2022, but the MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max were a little slow to show up. The production problems in China that occurred until recently, as well as the fall in computer sales at the end of the pandemic among all manufacturers, are undoubtedly not unrelated to this. On January 17, 2023, Apple finally delighted its fans by announcing its new MacBook Pro M2 Pro and Max, together with the Mac mini M2.

No new design, it’s all in the detail

On the design side, do not expect big changes on the MacBook Pro since we find the same frames as on the M1 Pro and Max versions. That’s not a bad thing, as these computers were the first to earn 5 stars in all subparts of their test (build, performance, audio, screen, and battery life). The only elements that evolve are invisible: the HDMI port now supports display on an 8K 60 Hz and 4K 240 Hz screen. Itou, wifi 6E will now be part of it for faster transfers.

The design of MacBooks does not change, and that's not a bad thing.

The design of MacBooks does not change, and that’s not a bad thing.

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The real change: the M2 Pro and M2 Max

It is obviously under the hood that the changes will be the most notable since the manufacturer’s in-house chips are getting a facelift. The M2 Max can now be coupled with a maximum of 96 GB of unified memory, integrating up to 38 GPU cores for the graphics part (compared to 32 on the M1 Max). Apple announces 30% faster processing times.

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We can choose for the M2 Pro between a model with 10 CPU cores and 16 GPU cores or a slightly more upscale version with 12 CPU cores and 19 GPU cores, and this on the 14 inch format as on the 16 inch. Apple predicts 20% more CPU performance this time compared to the M1 Pro.

The M2 Max chip.

Of course, we will have to verify all these performance gains during our tests, but the figures put forward by the apple seem plausible. It will be interesting to compare them with AMD’s new Ryzen 7000s and Intel’s 13th generation Cores. The battle promises to be tough, but there is one crown that these two competitors will not be able to steal from Apple for the moment: that of energy efficiency. The manufacturer indicates that the autonomy will reach 22 hours, which would not be really surprising as the results are impressive on the M1. We recall in passing that battery performance does not change one iota on these machines, unlike those equipped with AMD and Intel.

The starting price of the MacBook Pro 14 M2 Pro is €2400, but the price increases to €3000 with the 12-core CPU and 1TB of SSD. The M2 Max version climbs to 3700 €, but you can reach 7380 € by adding all the RAM and storage options! We will find the MacBook Pro 16 M2 Pro at 3000 € and 3230 €, or even 4150 € for the M2 Max. They will both be available from January 24.

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