“An umpteenth and unbearable manipulation”

Here is the tribune of Manuel Valls: “Tuesday, January 10, 2023, the news falls. Dieudonné makes his mea-culpa, he asks forgiveness from his children for his absence, from the Jewish community for his “one-upmanship”. He wanted to make people laugh, he failed in his objective, he regrets it. He now aspires to enjoy his old age, to “leave the stage in peace”, in “sincere and mutual respect”…

Over time, would Mr. M’bala M’bala have refined his art to the point of finally living up to the title of comedian that is too generously attributed to him? Because yes, I first thought it was a joke. No magazine intended for French people living in Israel could relay such remarks, which moreover are meaningless and without the slightest examination of conscience of the extremely serious facts and speeches of which he is accused.

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How can you believe in the good faith of an individual who has continued to pour out his venom over the past decades?

I resumed my seriousness by noting that voices were already rising, saying they were ready to get into the game of this umpteenth and unbearable manipulation. Some have, it seems, nostalgia for a Dieudonné who was a talented humorist and whose unique duet he formed with Elie Semoun was funny, incisive. They want to believe it and move on, to find their “Dieudo” who got lost for a while. Basically, all this was not so serious… We should grant him our forgiveness… He is also crumbling in debt, a victim of justice and politics…

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Poor naive, bunch of useful idiots, how can you believe in the good faith of an individual who has been pouring out his venom over the past decades? Have you learned nothing from the past? In what world are we living ? I am revolted by the cynicism of those who lend themselves to this masquerade!

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What’s next after this ad

I am thinking of the painful words of Ruth Halimi, whose son Ilan was kidnapped and tortured by the Barbarian gang: “Dieudonné is responsible for the rise of anti-Semitism. […] He must know that words are worse than a weapon”. Every word hissed from Dieudonné’s mouth has poisoned hearts, corrupted souls and hurt innocent people. And while this mother mourns her son, 17 years after his disappearance, others would be willing to forgive whoever spread this anti-Semitic poison.

Alerted by the Crif and the Licra, then Minister of the Interior, I decided to ban his shows at the end of 2013

From 2003, his speeches reveal another facet of the comedian who multiplies provocations and insults towards Jews and the State of Israel. From now on alone on stage except when he has Holocaust denier Robert Faurisson appear alongside him in front of Jean-Marie Le Pen, his daughter’s godfather, his shows are like nothing more than anti-Semitic meetings, to the cheers of thousands of people.

Alerted by the Crif and the Licra, then Minister of the Interior, I decided to ban his shows at the end of 2013. This would crystallize the debate around freedom of expression. However, there is no possible discussion, the words of this individual are a serious threat to public order and fall under the criminal law. The Council of State agrees with me and the offenses are brought to justice. This is for me a first victory against hatred and racism which are synonymous with hatred of ourselves and of France. It’s not a personal fight but he pursues me with his aggressiveness in Evry and on social networks.

I am not giving up because it is the visible face of the anti-Semitism that has been sweeping through our country since the beginning of this century, the crossroads between the far right, the far left, the Islamists and other radical groups united in hatred of Jews and Israel. “Anti-Zionism is justified anti-Semitism, finally made available to everyone. It is permission to be democratically anti-Semitic,” wrote Vladimir Jankélévitch in 1967.

Why did Dieudonné M’bala M’bala not open his eyes after the kidnapping and torture that led to the death of Ilan Halimi?

To all those who have an easy grace, and perhaps a short memory, I wonder: why did Dieudonné M’bala M’bala not open his eyes after the confinement and the torture that led to the death of Ilan Halimi, in the name of one of the oldest anti-Semitic clichés in history linking Jews to money, which he moreover largely contributed to spreading? Shouldn’t the 2012 attack on the Ozar Hatorah Jewish school in Toulouse, where the lives of three children were taken, have been enough to silence this man whose frenetic obsession was to attack the Jews?

Why Monsieur M’bala M’bala didn’t stop after cries of “Death to the Jews” echoed through the streets of Paris as he strolled there in 2014 during a demonstration of support to the people of Gaza? Why, on the evening of the Republican march on Sunday January 11, 2015 in memory of the victims of the terrorist attacks, did he write that he felt “Charlie Coulibaly” in an odious double reference to Charlie Hebdo, target of the attacks, and to the terrorist Amedy Coulibaly, author of the murderous hostage-taking of the Hyper Cacher at Porte de Vincennes? Carlos, another terrorist, isn’t he the godfather of one of his children?

You know it like me, I could continue my questions at length as the Jews of France have been targeted on multiple occasions. Should we still ask ourselves in the name of what would we not forgive him?

His excuses have no value and are without impact in the face of all the years of relentlessness

His excuses have no value and are without impact in the face of all the years of relentlessness in which he has “humbly […] let go to the game of one-upmanship”. He has “could hit, shock, hurt”, ” sometimes [avoir] show excesses, inappropriate provocations”. Indignity even in the choice of words which aim to qualify, among other things, his links with the neo-Nazi Alain Soral, condemned many times for Holocaust denial, incitement and provocation to hatred, and his travels to Iran to return there in particular the “quenelle d’or” to the former Iranian president to reward his anti-Zionist fight. “Reciprocal and sincere respect”, he said ?

The responsibility of Mr. M’bala M’bala is immense. He brazenly participated in the trivialization and dissemination of an uninhibited anti-Semitism, spreading disgusting remarks to a whole section of the population, hilarious and unaware, or not, of the tragedy in which they became accomplices.

Words pass but mark consciences. There is still a long way to go to repair the society that Dieudonné took such pains to fragment. After having made itself the faithful worker, the obstinate broadcaster of hatred of the Jews in all its forms, this letter is only a new attack on all those who are still its victims every day. It remains for this fake humorist to be forgotten in order to respect the dignity of all the people who have been his target, pending the multiple court decisions that remain in progress. But beware, other grimacing clowns have taken over, relativizing everything on the media and the web, surfing on conspiracy theses and participating in the collapse of universal values. More than ever, it is up to us to find the remedy for the hatred infused in our society. »

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