an international star sends a beautiful message to Chris (Star Academy) and congratulates him on his journey

The day after his elimination from the star AcademyChris was lucky enough to receive an amazing message from an international star!

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This Saturday, November 19, viewers attended the big semi-final of the star Academy. And for this event, the candidates had the chance to share duets alongside big names in French song such as, Clara Luciani, Vianney, Camélia Jordana, Claudio Capéo, Marc Lavoine or Patrick Bruel! But at the end of the bonus, broadcast on TF1, it was the tele-hook fans who decided who of Léa, Anisha, Enola, Tiana and Chris would join Louis on the bench of the finalists. And unfortunately, it was on the arm of the youngest of the adventure that Chris definitively left his comrades and the experience. Star Ac’. But the day after his elimination, the young man was flabbergasted when he discovered that an international star personally congratulated him for his career and his last performance on the set!

It is enormous !

For this fifth adventure bounty, the academicians had the honor of welcoming great stars of French song. Thus, Enola, Louis, Léa, Anisha, Tiana and Chris had the chance to share duets with Clara Luciani, Marc Lavoine, Patrick Bruel, Claudio Capéo, Camélia Jordana or even Vianney. And if all these performances have blown away the teaching staff, one of them has particularly caught the attention of the international star, Ed Sheeran! And discovering the interpretation of the young academician – on the title “Call on me“, which he initially shares with Vianney – the British singer wanted to congratulate the budding singer. Surprised and honored to receive the praise of the artist, Chris reposted the video, in his Instagram story, writing: “Oh my God ! Thanks a lot. It is enormous !“And we couldn’t have said it better!

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I am proud of my career

Exit from the adventure of the Star Ac’Chris – just like his previously eliminated comrades – wished to thank his thousands of fans. And it was on his Instagram account that the young man spoke: “Thank you for everything. I am reading your messages and trying to reply to them. […]. Thank you for all the love you send us […]. We made it to the semi-finals, I’m proud of my career […]. I can’t wait to hit the studio and write the sequel with you!“And just like the candidate’s fans, we can’t wait to discover the many surprises he has in store for us!

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"It is enormous" : an international star sends a beautiful message to Chris (Star Academy) and congratulates him on his career

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