An ex-candidate of Love is in the worst case, his situation is alarming

"Heart attack or stroke" : An ex-candidate of Love is in the worst case, his situation is alarming - M6

“Infarction or stroke”: An ex-candidate of Love is in the pre at worst, his situation is alarming – M6

In 2021, fans of Love is in the meadow met Valentin, a 29-year-old edible flower grower. The adventure proved to be more than beneficial for this shy man who then fell in love with his suitor Charley, a beautiful 30-year-old dentist. With her, he metamorphosed and it is therefore quite natural that they presented themselves to face Karine Le Marchand for the balance sheet of the season. Since then, it is always the great love between Valentin and Charley, although the question of moving has not yet been settled. Indeed, the two former candidates unfortunately continue to date from a distance, he living in Brittany and she in Touraine, a three-hour drive from each other. Nevertheless, this relationship is very important for the farmer, especially when he is going through bad times.

Precisely, during an interview granted to West France, Valentin did not share good news. Indeed, since his participation in Love is in the meadowhis budding notoriety played tricks on him and he was forced to pay attention to “fake friends“who wanted to surround him. Not to mention those he lost”by jealousy“. But above all, Valentin is encountering great difficulties on his flower farm. The health crisis caused by Covid-19 had not spared him. “Several chefs can no longer afford its products“, does he have…

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