An additional gendarmerie squadron expected in the coming days

An additional gendarmerie squadron will reinforce the police in the coming days in Martinique, the island’s prefecture announced on Tuesday evening. This team will be made up of a head of mission, head of the CRIMORG office of the SDPJ, accompanied by the head of the special investigation techniques section (SDPJ) and an analyst from the Central Criminal Intelligence Service (SCRC-GN). .

“An exploratory mission of judicial police and criminal intelligence specialists” will arrive on Martinique territory next week, the state services said in a press release. The three soldiers will disembark just a few days after a shooting that injured several people in Rivière-Salée (South) and will have the mission “to analyze the criminal phenomenon, support the general command of the gendarmerie and target the areas of work to be prioritized”.

This knowing that the fight against drug trafficking and the circulation of firearms are a priority in Martinique where 25 homicides have been committed since the beginning of 2022.

Three new brigades in Martinique

The shootings that occurred in two nocturnal leisure establishments on the night of Thursday to last Friday in the town of Rivière-Salée during which eight people were injured, justify the dispatch of these reinforcements, according to the prefecture. This support was also requested directly by the prefect of Martinique, Jean-Christophe Bouvier, from the minister French Interior and Overseas Departments, Gérald Darmanin.

Serge Letchimy, the President of the Executive Council of the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique (CTM), welcomed “the government’s decision to bring to Martinique a gendarmerie squadron, i.e. 80 additional gendarmes”. This one-time reinforcement of the gendarmerie forces must be completed in 2023 by the installation of three new brigades in Martinique, had announced Gerald Darmanin during a visit to the island in early October.

A prefect dedicated to security will also be appointed to the territory at the beginning of December for a five-month mission, in accordance with the announcements made by Jean-Christophe Bouvier last week.

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