after the success of Avatar, James Cameron roundly tackles the streaming platforms

Thirteen years after the first film, expectations were high, colossal pressurebut the challenge was met with flying colors. Avatar 2the sequel to the science fiction film released in 2009, with its $400 million budget, made the best start of 2022 in France. For this new exploration in the magical and incandescent jungle of PandoraJames Cameron shows us once again that there is still the undisputed master of 3D, this immersive technology that has revolutionized the film industry. This success, which is accompanied by a massive return of the public to dark rooms despite the Covid-19 and streaming platforms, also proves that cinema is not dead. A success that brings joy to the director of titanic, who took the opportunity to send a message to the streaming giants.

James Cameron: “I’m tired of staying with my ass screwed into the sofa”

To the magazine variety, James Cameron explained why, in his opinion, the success ofAvatar 2 tempers the omnipotence of streaming. “What I see is what audiences around the world are returning to dark rooms. Even in China where there is an upsurge in COVID-10 cases. The message we send, as a society, is ‘We need it! We have to go to the cinema. Enough streaming!’ I’m tired of staying with my ass screwed in the couch, he explained. In his argument, the director, which provides three other suites for Avataralso denounced “the scam” of SVOD, which leads viewers into an infernal spiral, with endless subscriptions and harmful over-consumption, according to him.

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“The streaming virus has infected everyone”, according to James Cameron

According to James Cameron, streaming, carried by Netflix, Disney + or even HBO Max, has contributed to the cinema crisis. “I feel like the streaming virus infected everyone when the pandemic hit (and it didn’t just hurt, it killed theaters, he launched. But the tide may well be turning. “We are resuscitating the cinema today, but it killed cinemas for almost a year (…) It seems to me now that the viewer must subscribe to eight or ten subscriptions to see everything. so it is obvious that this situation cannot last, a priori, and that it is a real Ponzi [un montage financier scrupuleux, ndlr] I think there will be some regulation afterwards,” he added. not-avatar/

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