Adeline Toniutti victim of domestic violence, she delivers a chilling account of the nightmare she went through

It is one of the many faces of star Academy. For its return, the cult TF1 program once again took place on the side of the castle of Dammarie-Les-Lys but relied on a completely renewed team of teachers. While Michael Goldman was chosen to be the director of Star Ac’, viewers were able to discover Adeline Toniutti, singing teacher.

For her, joining the TF1 music program has a special flavor, being a big fan of the show in her youth. “I was fighting with my mom to watch the prime instead of going to bed. For me, it was the school of life and art. I clung to progressions, to human experiences… I adored Armande Altaï and I was fascinated by the stars who came to the set. I still can’t realize that I’m part of this adventure today“, she told us. This Thursday, November 24, Adeline Toniutti gave an interview to our colleagues from Liberation, in which she mentions in particular the domestic violence she had to face. In the intimacy,the blows are raining behind the walls of the house“, as described by the daily.

He hits the one who can’t yell“, confides Adeline Toniutti, who had lost her voice until a third surgery which saved her vocal cords. The singing teacher suffered, her husband even going so far as “let it rot in a cellar for hours“. Then comes the day of the click, where a discussion with a loved one leads him to react. “I call battered women. They tell me that I can have accommodation, shrinks. I’m leaving“, she explains.

Aurelien Gaucher


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