Adeline Toniutti, beaten by her ex-companion: she delivers a poignant message

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Invited in Seven to Eight, Adeline Toniutti delivered on her daily life as a battered woman. The teacher confides in all honesty.

If the French now know Adeline Toniutti thanks to her time at the star Academy, the singing teacher was already known to classical music fans. Guest on the show seven to eight, broadcast on TF1, Sunday January 15, 2023, the former opera singer returned to certain trials in her life that marked her forever. Notably, his daily life at the hands of a violent man. Indeed, while she is the victim of a serious accident having affected her vocal cords, Adeline Toniutti will live a real nightmare. With a lot of emotion, she looks back at the beginnings of this domestic violence. “At first, he belittles me. He said to me: ‘You’re useless, you don’t work, besides, you play the whore when you go out’. Afterwards, it’s a first slap”she says.

Adeline Toniutti: “And then it started again and again”

The one who will become a singing teacher, will then live a daily life tinged with beatings and violence. ” One day he came home from work and I was at home of course, and he turned the lock. He was angry. I had put the cutlery on the table incorrectly and I got a pie in the face. I knew it wasn’t normal, but I was so weak, and then he didn’t look well. And then it started again and again.” Determined to leave, she will then threaten her companion to leave the marital home: “I told him, ‘If you do it again, I’m going to have to leave. And then he said to me: ‘If you leave, I’ll cut you into pieces, dig a hole in the woods and bury you where no one will find you, not even your parents’.

Disturbing words. Adeline Toniutti will then be able to count on the support of one of her friends. “She sees that I am deteriorating and understands what is happening. She said to me: ‘Adeline, there’s something wrong, it’s beyond your voice’. Then she asks me: ‘Does he hit you?’ And I don’t answer because I don’t dare say yes”, she says. Her friend will find the words to convince her to leave. “She said to me: ‘Adeline, do you want to end up on an armchair like your grandmother?’ And at that moment, I don’t know what’s going on, I feel my spine bristling like a cat and I tell myself that I can still take myself in hand. I have no more voice, but I still have two legs to go. And then I picked up the phone, called SOS Battered Women, and left.she says.

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