According to a survey, 23% of French football fans will boycott the World Cup in Qatar

Two days before the opening of the World Cup on Sunday, the boycott effect seems to have taken hold in France. Questioned by BVA for RTL and Orange on Friday, 55% of French people say they are unhappy that it is happening in Qatar (+3 points compared to September), 42% of French people and 23% of football fans ensuring that they do not will not watch any matches in the competition.

Among football fans, 19% of those intending to boycott admit, however, that they will be tempted if the Blues reach the knockout stage. Nevertheless, if 76% of fans think they will watch the matches of the French team if it reaches at least the quarter-finals, that makes almost a quarter of fans who seem to have decided to give up on the competition. .

Divided on the role of the players

As for the commitment of the Blues to associations for the protection of human rights, 59% of French people consider it insufficient, believing that “players should protest more against the conditions of organization of the World Cup”. On the contrary, 40% consider this commitment sufficient because “we cannot ask them to take a more stance on political and social subjects”.


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