A twist at ASM: Arthur Iturria is going to join Bayonne!

It was one of the files most observed by Clermont supporters in recent weeks: the extension of captain Arthur Iturria, at the end of his contract with the Auvergne club next June. Of extension, there will not be. The third row will join Aviron Bayonnais next summer, where he has signed up for four seasons. The Basque club announced it this Thursday evening on its Twitter account.

A real thunderclap. Because few people had counted on a departure from the Clermont captain to Aviron Bayonnais, promoted this season to the Top 14. Arthur Iturria therefore wanted to get closer to his roots.

ASM players get their hands dirty with their partners

From now on, all eyes are focused on Damian Penaud, who is also coming to the end of his contract. President Jean-Michel Guillon has announced for several weeks to make the extension of his international three-quarters a priority…


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