A training shirt also prohibited

Paul Rouget, Media365: published on Tuesday, November 22, 2022 at 10:53 a.m.

After FIFA refused Belgium’s second shirt, it was a multicolored Devils training shirt that was rejected…

Belgium’s jerseys are definitely endlessly controversial. Monday, we learned that the Devils’ second tunic was refused – belatedly – by FIFA. White with a slight rainbow touch, this jersey is inspired by the fireworks of the electronic festival Tomorrowland, and highlights the values ​​of diversity, equality and inclusion. But it is above all the word “Love” (“Love” in French), with the “O” representing the logo of Tomorrowland, which posed a problem for the international body.

“The rules are very strict”

“That’s not really a big deal. It’s a ridiculous technical thing, a futility. We’ve known about it for a while. There’s the word ‘Love’ in the neck, it’s true. is inside the jersey. We knew it would have to be removed. It’s not the first time this has happened. It’s a shame. It’s a reference to a collaboration and it was part of this action more overall. Again, we wear the colors of inclusion. It was more of a nod to the armband. It’s inside the jersey. So we’re going to hide the word “Love”. are very strict with regard to the kit. All this has no impact for the players”, commented Peter Bossaert, boss of the Belgian Federation, for RTBF, especially regretting the ban on wearing, like England and several European selectionsthe “One Love” rainbow armband

According to the Het Nieuwsblad, Roberto Martinez’s men’s multicolored training shirt has also been rejected. And this car FIFA believes that the Belgian Federation is making hidden advertising for Tomorrowlandwith whom she developed this line even if there is no reference to the famous Antwerp festival on this training “jacket”, which will be replaced by a standard white jersey.

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