A Russian teenager claims to have lived on Mars and baffles scientists by the accuracy of his statements

Boris Kipriyanovich is born in Russia in 1996. He is aged 16 years old and better known asIndigo Boy.

Exceptional capacities

At the age of two yearsthe little boy knew how to do things that did not correspond to the abilities of his age: he read, wrotealready knew how to draw well, and was able to talk about amazing subjects like extraterrestrial civilizations, his previous life on Mars.

A life on Mars

Boris Kipriyanovich claims to have lived on mars before living in Russia. And say that the planet was habitable before it loses its atmosphere. However, there would still be inhabitants living in underground cities. These are the comments he made, in particular, to Gennady Belimov, a Soviet university professor and researcher.

Immortal Martians

At MailOnLIne, Boris Kipriyanovich also claimed that “People living on Mars are immortal and stop aging at age 35. They are technologically advanced and able to travel through interstellar space. »

This teenager is a phenomenon! Is he passionate about science fiction ? An outstanding storyteller?

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