a photo of young basketball players posing without their hijab irritates the club

After the publication of the cliché by the trainer in support of the protests against the regime, the club quickly denied any political nature.

An extremely courageous act», «a small gesture with a huge impact», «we had dreamed it, they do it!“. Since its publication on Sunday November 20, this photo has been widely praised on social networks. Above, a team of young Iranian basketball players who pose bareheaded, hair visible, without their hijab. A symbolic gesture in support of the protest movement, driven by the Death of Mahsa Amini September 16th. However, this symbol was not appreciated by Canco Canada BC, the club for young sportswomen.

When trainer Farzaneh Jamami publishes this photo, she accompanies it with a caption with a feminist character: “Teach your daughters that gender roles are nonsense. They are precious and irreplaceable. If you are told otherwise, don’t believe it. Tell them, “Get up, hold your head up high, and show them what you’re worth! Tell them that you are powerful and capable that you are a woman of freedom”“. The comments are multiplying quickly in support of the sportswoman, reaching more than 6,500 reactions to date.

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“No intention to reveal the hijab”

Hastily, the Canco Canada BC club – sponsored by a Canadian company that delivers school supplies – in turn publishes a photo of the basketball team, this time wearing a hijab. In the caption, the organization denies any political character. He mentions that the picture posted by the trainer was “a private photo», «before the official game“, published “on a personal page“. Says that some media have relied on “a lie», and insists on the fact that the players and the technical team wore the hijab during the match. In addition, the club says it respects “the personal opinions of each of its members“. However, he assures that the words of the trainer “had nothing to do with “unveiling” or “rejecting the hijab”” and “any interpretation in this regard lacks validity and credibility“.

Since then, Farzaneh Jamami has hidden her page from the general public and published a text in which she declares that she has had “no intention of revealing the hijab“. She adds that “enemy networks published this photo with malicious intent and without permission, and I took necessary legal action“.

This incident comes as protests continue against the mullahs’ regime. About 255 people lost their lives in clashes with law enforcement, according to the Norway-based NGO Iran Human Rights (UHR). The phenomenon has grown with the death sentence for six rioters by the Revolutionary Court. The authorities denounceriotsencouraged by the West and arrested thousands of people.

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