A hundred marine drones will be deployed in the Gulf, according to the American command

A US-led operational unit will deploy more than 100 drones in strategic Gulf waters by next year, the head of US Middle East Command (Centcom) announced on Saturday.

General Michael Kurilla’s announcement comes days after the attack in the Arabian Sea on an oil tanker, owned by an Israeli billionaire, attributed to Iran by Israel and the United States.

The United States and several Gulf countries regularly denounce Tehran’s actions in this particularly strategic maritime area, an almost exclusive shipping route to link the Gulf oil countries to world markets.

By next year“, Task Force 59 will assemble a fleet of more than 100 surface and submarine drones “working together, communicating togethersaid General Kurilla at the annual security conference in Manama, Bahrain.

This unit was launched in September 2021 in Bahrain, where the United States 5th Fleet is based, to develop surveillance capabilities in this area using drones and artificial intelligence, after a series of drone attacks attributed to the Islamic Republic.

In addition to this mechanism, the United Statesare setting up an experimental program here in the Middle East to defeat enemy drones with our partnersadded General Kurilla, without giving further details. According to him, theenemy dronesare the greatest technological threat to regional security.

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