A girl films an Elvis concert with a smartphone in 1977: the image that creates the rumor of time travel

The sequence captured during the King’s last tour provoked many reactions.

The crazy theories around Elvis Presley have always fascinated: his fake death, his hidden career or even appearances in films after his death…

But now images filmed by CBS at the time of the King’s last tour resurfaced with one of the most surprising details spotted by fans.

Indeed, on the short sequence, never broadcast during the singer’s lifetime and shared by Redditwe seem to see a girl filming the artist with … a smartphone.

A journey through time

It was enough to panic fans of time travel. Because for many there does not seem to be the slightest doubt it is indeed a smartphone and since it did not exist in 1977 it is logical to believe in a smartphone.traveler from the future to attend this concert. Or according to the images, a traveler who would have gone back in time, as we can see on the video.

An identified device

As specified Paris Matchin the 1970s, Kodak in particular had marketed a camera that had the same format as current smartphones.

But nothing prevents you from dreaming… It’s up to everyone now to make up their own mind…

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