A fourth radar set on fire last night

Four radars have been ignited since the start of the week in Martinique. The latest fire was located at Robert, in the Four à Chaux district.

The speeding control device was engulfed in flames last night.

Earlier this week, the prefect of Martinique announced his intention to file a complaint the day after the malicious act against the radar of the Union district at a place called Brasserie Lorraine.

On this occasion, the prefecture recalled that in 47% of fatal accidents occurring in Martinique, excessive speed was involved. In 2022, this share rises to 50%.

These fires come as state services are increasing the number of radar installations, including many decoy devices. Thus, of the 35 radars that must be placed in the future on the territory, only 23 will report. The verbalization devices will be moved randomly.

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