a dramatic turn of events, Greg (Le Cross) and the Marseillais take revenge and see Marwa!

The episode of Cross of this Friday, January 13 has a very special flavor for the Marseillais, Greg, who has finally achieved his goals!

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In recent days, Greg has continued to be at the heart of the frictions that animate the Cross. Indeed, since the arrival of his ex-girlfriend, Marwa, the one who is nicknamed “Bebew” was invaded by a deep feeling of revenge. Remember, during their previous television adventure, the young woman had not hesitated to betray her companion in an attempt to save his place. And obviously, the pill has still not passed on the side of the Marseillais who – with the support of his faithful sidekick, Maeva Ghennam – moved heaven and earth to oust the candidate of the “RDM”, in the adventure currently broadcast on W9 !

“I make it a personal matter”

Since Kayla’s departure, Greg promised himself to do everything possible to eject Marwa from the adventure. And the young man’s wish did not take long to come true since in the episode of this Friday, January 13, the candidate from the Rest of the world had to pack her bags, following the defeat of her family. And in front of the cameras of the channel, “Bebew” did not refrain from hiding his joy! “Well, karma exists, the Bebews! Marwa wanted to do everything to separate me from Kayla and here, I’m really making it personal because I promised to avenge Kayla“, he declared. Before announcing, in song, to his worst enemy:Don’t come back, take your things, go home!But this elimination as well as the little show offered by the two Marseillais did not surprise Marwa!

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“I’m not that sad”

Back at the villa to prepare her things, the young woman took the time to confide in her family members. And despite the emotion of his friend, NicoloMarwa assured: “Frankly, it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s not like I’m having my best adventure. (…) You saw well, from the start, it’s been very complicated for me so I’m not that sad.“Before asking his team not to be defeated, to continue to fight and above all, to stay united at all costs!

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"Karma exists babes!" : twist, Greg (Le Cross) and the Marseillais take revenge and saw Marwa!

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