a cat made him lose his sight, a disease he contracted suddenly!

After more than 150 victories in the “12 noon shots”, Stéphane was finally eliminated of the game animated daily by Jean-Luc Reichmann on January 20th. A real heartbreak for TF1 viewers who had become accustomed to this worker from Haute-Marne over the months.

Fortunately, they were able to find him on the set of “Touche pas à mon poste! “from Monday January 23, 2023. The opportunity for the man who has just won 568,343 euros in winnings and gifts to look back on his experience in the TF1 program. A journey… and regrets about the circumstances of his departure: “For me, the world is collapsing under my feet. Besides, I still can’t digest. I eliminated myself. I don’t blame Sarah at all because that’s the game, that’s how it is. But I was no longer in it, ”he confided to Cyril Hanouna.

The surprising “cat-scratch disease”

During his stint in TPMP, Stéphane also gave explanations concerning the “cat’s claw” syndrome, a handicap from which he suffers insofar as this patient is responsible for the loss of his sight in his right eye.

One day, “a tiny little cat who came on [lui] and who, wanting to climb on [lui]grabbed, slipped and [l]’scratched’. The animal, which “was not immune to the flea disease”, thus “transmitted to it a virus which came to be grafted into [s] one eye”.

A misadventure that took place three years ago and which is far from rare. Unfortunately, while the disease in question affects the lymph nodes in more than 90% of cases, Stéphane was affected in the eye. With the sad consequences that we know.

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