2022 World Cup: Substitutions, ties, cards … The rules to know for the World Cup in Qatar

Late registration of a player in the event of injury, reset of yellow card counters, teams tied on points: here are the rules to know for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which begins on Sunday.

Injured player, substituted player

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The unusual programming of the tournament, in the middle of the European club season and after two years of pandemic punctuated by announcements of contamination, makes the question even more burning than during the last Worlds: what happens if a selected player is injured? or fall ill before the competition?

The official list of each selection – between 23 and 26 players – is supposed to be submitted to FIFA on Monday before 7 p.m. Paris time, but according to the rules of the instance, a player from the final list can still be replaced “no later than 24 hours before the kick-off of his team’s first match“. The medical commission of the authority must nevertheless confirm”that the injury or illness is serious enough to prevent the playerto participate in the tournament.

Changes and concussion protocol

Introduced due to Covid-19, the change from three to five changes per team and per match ended up being imposed in each competition, before being definitively ratified in June by the International Board (Ifab), guardian of the laws. soccer. A sixth substitution is also authorized in the event of an extension. In addition, the Ifab has decided to extend the trials on an additional change in the event of a concussion until August 2023, leaving FIFA to maintain its traditional protocol in the face of a cranial shock.

In Qatar, as in 2018 in Russia, the referee will be able to interrupt the meeting “up to three minutes“if a concussion is suspected and will only allow the affected player to continue the game with”permission from the team doctor“, and after evaluation.

In case of a tie

This is the conundrum of the group stage: if two teams have the same number of points, how do you know which one goes through to the round of 16?

In order of importance, we must then look at: the best overall goal difference; the number of goals scored. Then in a second step, the particular difference in points, the difference in goals then the greatest number of goals scored by one against the other team, finally a ranking of fair play calculated in particular on the basis of yellow cards and reds received during the group stage. If there is still a tie: draw.

From the round of 16, the knockout phase begins: the teams tied after 90 minutes play an extension of two times fifteen minutes, then possibly a penalty shootout.

Canceled yellow cards

If a player or an official receives two cautions in two different matches, he is automatically suspended for the following match. But to prevent a player from missing the final for having received his second yellow card of the tournament in the semi-finals, the counters are reset after the quarter-finals.

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